There's no better way to film a yacht than flying a drone alongside it

Use our extensive experience filming all kinds of boats – From massive luxury yachts to small sailboats.

Filming out at sea presents a new set of challenges, and we’ve all heard/seen stories of drowned drones and scratched paint. Having filmed out at sea for years in Ibiza, we know all that needs to be taken care of so the day is as enjoyable as any other while we get that stunning footage that will get your boat rented or sold faster than those of the competition.

Wether its a promotional video for the vessel, a music video, an event or just a group holiday, we can create your visuals and add the drone spectacular view to the production. Get in touch and let’s get your perfect day filmed!

Here's some examples of boat videos filmed recently.

Jorge Lorenzo - MotoGP champion Holidays

Prevu clothing photoshoot

Ibiza ice

ibiza delivers

Cruise Ibiza

Pursula Club